How does being a Cam Performer affect your Normal Life and Relationships?

We both decided to answer this one.

From “M”s point of view:

I think it stresses normal life a bit mainly because of the hours. You miss out on a lot of things. Such as; family, friends as far as relationships go I think it’s different. You get to spend a good portion of the day with your partner. Which in some ways help the relationship and makes things difficult at times as well.

It’s good for a relationship because it teaches you how to be open and secure with each other because you have to be very honest and open with your partner because you are doing this stuff publicly.  I think it stresses it a bit because men tend to want to have secrets and being transparent to your partner and the world is a challenge.

It affects family and friends because your hours are different due to the work. And you are your own boss but you also have to fit within the clientele’s hours. You are constantly looking at and evaluating new idea’s and different angles to keep the views entertained and engaged. When you have time for friends and family it is limited, that is always hard to explain.

I think after a while it actually becomes “normal”. You learn to have faith in your partner and your partner has faith in you as well. I think it creates stronger bonds. The real trick is trying to keep our private life separate from our work life considering it does get intermingled. But for me that is also the fun of it.

From Ciara’s point of view:

It does affect several things when trying to have a “normal” life. Camming is based on your schedule, which is nice, you can work when you want, break when you want. You are your own boss and that requires a level of self discipline in and of it’self. You have to train yourself to be in a good mood during set times and you have to maintain that energy and pace throughout your broadcast. That does affect you personally. But not in a bad way. I think anything that helps you develop self discipline and self motivation are good.

People tend to not understand being “self” employed. Friends don’t exactly understand why your house is unavailable to visits and phone calls during set times and even family are barred from calling and visiting while you are working. They don’t understand that you have to treat it like a normal job as you would treat any job if you want to be successful. If you are like most people, having friends just show up at your work tends to upset co workers and bosses, the camming world is really no different except that You are the boss. You have to have set boundaries and they have to be respected even by people that don’t understand.

It makes things different, that isn’t always a bad thing. It just is. Yes the money can be great but one bad cam day and that can change fast. You have to stay entertaining, you have to constantly study sex, that will change you and your home. You have toys laying about in your space all the time. The mailman keeps wondering why lube is shipped in gallons on a monthly basis. There are things that do affect people. I suppose you could say that it does open you up to speculations. You have to be willing to talk about it. To discuss it with people.

I’ve found that people have a lot of questions and pre conceptions some are incorrect. This isn’t a job that you can just sit around and masturbate if you want to be successful. You have to spend time marketing, researching, using social media. You have to work on developing yourself on and off camera.

I spend half of my time marketing, a portion responding to fan mail, tons of time on social media, a good portion researching sex, the mentality the psychology of sex, what makes people more prone to one action over another, what sells, what doesn’t. Finding out what works, a lot of trial and error and then there’s the actual time spend on camera. Learning a bit of photography, film making, and lighting and sound. There is a lot of technical stuff that goes into it. There is a lot of equipment that is needed to make sure you have the best quality of sound, lighting and video as well. I suppose that also changes you a bit. You are always wondering how to get a better FPS out of your connection and equipment. It’s like being a producer, a director and the performer all in one. Add in a couple show, with theme’s and you also become a decorator and a people handler. You have to work on camera with someone else who has their own personality, their own style. You have to learn how to mesh the two to make a good entertaining broadcast.

As far as a relationship goes I know it affects that as well. Sometimes it can be very exploitative and fun. Opening you both up to new idea’s, fun things to try or just learning about each other in a sexual and non sexual way. It can enhance a lot of things but if you have two different goals or idea’s it can conflict and you have to have a good bond to be able to work through those things quickly.

OFF CAMERA; that’s also a new place. Because you have to figure out what is going to be kept special for the two of you and private. What things will remain sacred in the relationship and how to work through times when those boundaries get approached.

How does being a Cam Performer affect your Normal Life and Relationships?

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