To Squirt or Not to Squirt? Get off the Bandwagon!

What the hell is this new sexual fad seen in porn and all over the place?

Squirting is where a fluid is ejaculated from a females vagina during sex. Some think this is some super mystical orgasmic thing that proves a woman has gotten to the paramount of pleasure. Some even want their women trained to do it. Some search out women who have the capability in the hopes they can get them to squirt for them proving they are sexual gods.

Here is the rundown on squirting.

It is diluted urine. Not an orgasm, not a sexual release of ohmygoddness, it is just urine. In the past we would call it incontinence. Lack of bladder control. All sorts of other things but now we are excited if it happens.

Every woman is capable of this, ever seen a pregnant woman near the end of term sneeze? Trust me, if you’ve ever been there you know you are capable of excreting urine on impulse. All women can do this. Do I do this, um no. If I were into golden showers and water sports maybe, but you know, I DO enjoy kissing lips and bodies and I just would not be so inclined to do so after peeing on you. Even if it’s just a little and diluted. Would you kiss a female after she gave you head if you just peed in her mouth a “little” bit while you came? Um no.

Most people avoid being pissed on. It isn’t pleasurable, it reeks and it’s all the bacteria your body is rejecting. Sounds sexy right?!

So the next time you get excited about your “squirting” chickie, just remember you’re only getting excited about fucking her until she literally pisses on you. If you find that sexy, you are not looking at the right profile. I find bladder control much much sexier thanks!

To Squirt or Not to Squirt? Get off the Bandwagon!

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