Why Humor Trolls in Your Room?

I get asked this one a lot. Anyone in the sex industry, especially online based, will tell you that “trolls” are just part of the package. They are there to get you rattled, to see if they can ruin your experience. It’s what they do for fun. Reducing someone they can’t have, can’t touch, into a ball of tears is somehow empowering to them. They relish it and are constantly on the look out for new targets. I embrace that. I LOVE these guys. It’s the highlight of my day. One I’m a super nice person most of the time. I don’t get many opportunities to be an all out bitch often so when they present that opportunity, it’s like a shiny gift that begs to be opened. And like a child at Holiday, my inner child jumps up and down with glee and giggles like a school girl enjoying the swing set on the first day of school.

Two, I hate bullies. These guys and gals are just that. They are bullies, hiding behind a computer screen while living in their parents basements. Virgins who can’t have what they see and will never know what it’s like to be with someone they see. It’s a bit sad and pathetic really and when you think about it they are really more to be pitied. The by product of a sad and lonely childhood. And I also can be a cruel bitch and love to wake them up to the reality of their situation. Call me black hearted here but I believe that if you are willing to dish something out you should be prepared to eat it as well. And no one is better at returning a service than I am. Will it change them? No. I have no grandiose idea’s of it actually affecting them whatsoever. They will continue to do what they do without alteration.

Three it is just fun for me. As sick and twisted as that might sound, and I do realize that it does take away quality time with others who are more deserving of my attention, I also realize that some times it’s just good entertainment to watch. Hopefully those that do deserve my attention will let me play gleefully and find some joy in watching me do my thing.

Why Humor Trolls in Your Room?

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