What Makes You A Return Client

I’ve been in the sex industry since 1998, I know, I know I’m telling on myself. 2018 will mark two solid decades in this business. That is not only unheard of but so unusual that it’s almost an unbelievable amount of time. I’ve worked as a stripper, an escort, a legal prostitute/brothel worker, and in the porn side of things. I’ve seen a lot in my two decades, here are some thoughts on this subject. I’ve seen providers come and go like I change underwear. Some are just not cut out for this business or hobby as it is now called. Those that are and stay have some things in common, one we recognize that this isn’t about sex, sure that’s a part of this, of course, but we do realize that there is more to it than just laying on our backs shouting oh baby occasionally. Two we have learned that those who use these services, they have two things in common, one they are lonely, and two they need a connection. People who use a provider they are looking for something, something they aren’t getting at home or aren’t finding out in the real world. They need someone to listen, to let them know they matter, their needs matter, their wants matter. That someone out there cares enough to make them feel alive again or maybe just have a release. The tension, the stress of life those things wear you down. There is nothing better than having that one person to focus all of their attention on you, to pamper you, to take care of you at the end of a rough day or week. The time spent with good providers isn’t just sex, it is quality time. An adventure, a journey an actual experience that creates a memory or an impression that should make you smile afterwards. That release of stress and tension, well that is the providers job, in whatever way works best for each and everyone you see. As a provider you aren’t offering sex, you are offering a fantasy, one filled with passion, stress relief, free from baggage and drama that means more than the money. Being that fantasy, being top of your field is being able to provide that one memory, and repeating it several different ways for each and every client so that each time IS the first time, their best time and one that they want to repeat often. That is what I love about this work. Being able to create that. All of my clients are special, they all come to find a special place in my memory. They are not their wallets, they are just people. Lonely people that need that special connection and I’m happy to be that connection. That is, in my experience, what makes a date worth repeating and in all of my years that is the greatest advice I can hand out to the new generation of providers, BE repeat worthy. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.

What Makes You A Return Client

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