A Basic Question from a Reader

Hello I would like to know what tips you have to spot one or more of the following types of providers.
1. A fake
2. a potential thief or robbery fixing to happen
3. a girl that up charges
4. a dangerous situation over all
5. independent or agency

Well dear reader, this is my take on this:

You can take all of the suggestions about Google searching images and checking review sites, and you can stick to only using reputable sites like P411 or Eros or TER,  but let me add this, yes you can Google photos. I, myself, am also a professional model, which means all of my photo’s were always professionally done. That was the level I choose to work at.

Sometimes that did cause problems because in this industry model quality escorts are a rare find and more often than not I had problems with clients believing I had used stock photo’s, which is why I also started posting video on my ads. Video verifies a lot. So even this method is not always accurate in spotting a fake. Checking review sites are always good as well, because if a provider is thief, word gets around quickly. However review sites can always be manipulated by providers having friends or boyfriends post fake reviews, it DOES happen. And some hobbyist provide untrue reviews when a provider refuses to go all the way or provide a particular service and in some cases that is also very unfair. There are many good ways to go about making the process simple and some very basic FYI’s for you to know.

One, do some homework, find out what kinds of services you are in the market for and know what in general those entail. Two, look on advertising sites that cater to those services or keep providers listed in categories so that you can easily find one that caters to what you are looking for. Three, don’t EVER attempt to book a same day appointment, that isn’t realistic for decent providers, they will want to have time to screen you as well. Four, keep things nice and discreet over the phone, don’t be rude, don’t ask sexual questions. Assume if she is listed under providing the service you want that she does indeed provide this service. If you feel that may be something to question then I would ask if you may ask a candid question, keep it above board and respectful without a lot of detail. Good providers stay away from terms like PSE or GFE because it draws attention of law enforcement. Similarly providers who offer upscale service will tend to stay away from sending photo’s or publishing photo’s on ads, they want to be discreet for their own safety. The upscale providers also tend to shy away from any review site because of how graphic descriptions of services and encounters can get which ALSO will draw attention of LE.
So this is my advice, do your homework, pick a provider, go through her process, and check her out as well. Don’t assume no reviews or photo’s mean she is not a legit provider, it may mean she is VERY elite and upscale and because of that keeps herself and your safety in mind at all times. You can always ask if she is independent or agency, however an agency will generally charge 200 an hour and offer you a variety of females. Independents donations can range based on their level in the industry. On a whole expect to pay 4-600 an hour for upscale and elite, 2-300 an hour for mid range and below 200 an hour for bottom range. You WILL get what you pay for. If you are paying less than 200 an hour you will get a service equal to that value. You should also expect the drama and riff raff that comes with the bottom end of the spectrum. Things like drugs, theft, bait and switch, dangerous situations. If you want to be sure to avoid those, save up some funds, stay off of backpage, don’t seek out providers with “specials”. Talk to other trusted hobbyists in your area. Word of mouth is the BEST way to find a quality provider. If she shows up and is NOT as described or doesn’t work for you, be polite, offer her a turn away fee, this happens and we all understand that sometimes we just don’t click, send her away and try again. There will always be providers at the lower levels that upcharge, it’s classless and tasteless, but they are just trying to pay their bills and possibly haven’t been taught or trained better. That is why I recommend staying at the upper levels of providers who are getting a larger donation and usually have a bit more to offer that money doesn’t pay for. Hopefully that insight helps you in your search and good luck.
A Basic Question from a Reader

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