Keeping Warm in the Windy City

Brrrrr it’s cold here! I’m quickly learning how to blend in, covered up with long heavy coats and tons of layers. Quite the opposite of the warm Southern states I usually visit. So far this has been an enlightening trip and a ton of fun. I’ve gotten to experience Navy Pier and had an amazing time on a carriage ride doing fun naughty things. I really think you have to learn how to be creative in this kind of cold. It leaves exploration a must. So while trying to keep warm I’ve gotten very comfortable cuddled up to many new friends and experiencing the Chicago way of keeping warm in below zero weather. It has definitely broadened my horizons.

That brings me to my topic. Exploration in Bed

Everyone gets tired of routine and the same old thing. I know I do, and in this line of work finding ways of keeping the experience new is always a fun challenge and I learn new things every day. New positions, new sensations. All in good adult fun. I love to listen to people tell me their fantasies and I do my best to explore those with someone who can let go and fully emerge themselves in their time with me doing something full of fun and fancy.

Recently learning to enjoy cold in a whole new way was not only fun but exciting. I know ice cubes are something most people have played with in bed and sucking on an ice cube while sucking on your partner can be a fun experience but I’ve been given a few new experiences to add to that, some I’m excited to be using on those wanting a new fun experience.


Keeping Warm in the Windy City

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