Underworld Inc Part 1

I am spending my morning watching this sex trade documentary.  Ladies, this has to stop. Pimps only have a place because the women allow it. Stop allowing it. As I watched this documentary, I realized how out of hand things are now. The show starts by featuring pimps and low level prostitutes. These girls that are street walkers who are selling themselves for $20 to $100 dollars.  They then give 100% of their earnings to a pimp.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, no woman needs a pimp. A Pimp is offering to manage and protect the ladies. Then he takes their money and distributes it to himself. Lets not dirty this up by sugar coating. A pimp is a lazy person who sees an opportunity to control. That is all this is. Ladies, if you are out there reading this, you do NOT need a “manager” to “manage” your finances. You do NOT need a manager to manage your time, you do NOT need a manager to offer fake promised of protection. If you are in the adult entertainment industry, there are very few “safe” things in the first place, and NO ONE can protect anyone. That is a fact. In my time in this business, I have dealt with my fair share of “pimps” wanting to control me or my money. It has never happened, it never will. They refer to women like me as “renegade” because we don’t submit to their control and know that we can do everything they can do for us ourselves. Ladies, if you are caught up in that, and you see this blog, PLEASE know that staying in that life is completely YOUR choice. The threats to your family, your friends, your loved ones, while scary, they are just used to control. A Pimp won’t spend his time finding you, they don’t spend their time going after your family. A pimp needs numbers, if they lose a girl, they have to replace them quickly to keep up the numbers. They are more concerned with finding another victim to take your place then trying to get back a lady that knows the score and will take time, money and energy to try to find only to wind up with a “problem” girl. That does not mean leave them and then stay in your common area’s. That means LEAVE THEM AND THAT AREA. Get OUT, completely. Get on a bus and get to a different location, and not the town next door either. A different state, a different place completely. Be smart about it. Pimps are dangerous, they abuse, physically, mentally and emotionally. They are not there to “help” you out in any way. They ROB you and your future. When you are too old to work or too damages to work they will get rid of you and you’ll still be in the same position you were when these “pimps” found you, having nothing and with no direction.

The fact that any lady would fall for this or agree to these arrangements saddens and shocks me to my core. I have heard the whole “pimps and ho’s are cut from the same cloth” speech so many times it makes me sick. If you need someone to control your time and money find a different job. The adult industry is not for you. You are part of the problem if you are that type of lady. We need to fix some of this mess from within. We can’t do that if these types of ladies are out there. Supply and demand, Pimps are unnecessary evils. The demand is something that women supply, not men, not pimps. If you want to give your money to some guy for no reason please don’t do it in this area of life. Ultimately these ladies create these horrible environments that lead to trafficking and the corruption in the industry.


I watched this show and listened to these “pimps” discuss renegades. The show discussed how scared of these renegades these guys are. That is true, and rightfully so. We put them out of business. We take away their power. These pimps state they want us murdered and hope we are. Of course they do! Why wouldn’t they?

We decide when we work and who we see and under what circumstances we see the clients. We keep 100% of our earnings and distribute them to no one. We do our own advertising and we control our own image and how it is used. Ultimately it is us controlling our own fate and destiny and our own careers. The promises of their protection are phony. Once those doors close, it is you and the client. That is it. How is anyone protecting you from the outside? They can’t and they are not. Ladies we control that too.  We do our own screening of clients and we do what we can to keep ourselves safe since we are the ones in those situations.  Don’t ever be taken in with lies of protection from someone who will not ever be there to do just that.

I can not tell you how much these documentaries do not cover. These are so incomplete and not at all helpful to anyone in these situations. These so called documentaries do not inform from a real perspective. They found two pimps, that’s great, these pimps talk about how they run the girls. This is not news, we already know how they do it. Why not talk about how and who they target? We know what they do once they “have” a girl. Tell the world “how” they get the girl. Show how they “sell” these girls into this idea. I saw none of their “girls” on this show, talk to them and listen to the brainwashing that comes out of their mouths. Look at how they live. They wear what this guy tells them to, they go where the guy tells them to, they come “home” when this guy allows them too. They eat and sleep as “allowed” by this guy. They have no life. They are robots. And the sad thing is, these girls are grateful for this type of slavery and treatment. Brainwashed!

I plan on taking this documentary apart. So we shall call this installment Part 1.

There are so many aspects I want to cover about this.

Underworld Inc Part 1

The Adult Industry and it’s Impact on Society

The Adult Industry and it’s Impact on Society

Keeping Warm in the Windy City

Brrrrr it’s cold here! I’m quickly learning how to blend in, covered up with long heavy coats and tons of layers. Quite the opposite of the warm Southern states I usually visit. So far this has been an enlightening trip and a ton of fun. I’ve gotten to experience Navy Pier and had an amazing time on a carriage ride doing fun naughty things. I really think you have to learn how to be creative in this kind of cold. It leaves exploration a must. So while trying to keep warm I’ve gotten very comfortable cuddled up to many new friends and experiencing the Chicago way of keeping warm in below zero weather. It has definitely broadened my horizons.

That brings me to my topic. Exploration in Bed

Everyone gets tired of routine and the same old thing. I know I do, and in this line of work finding ways of keeping the experience new is always a fun challenge and I learn new things every day. New positions, new sensations. All in good adult fun. I love to listen to people tell me their fantasies and I do my best to explore those with someone who can let go and fully emerge themselves in their time with me doing something full of fun and fancy.

Recently learning to enjoy cold in a whole new way was not only fun but exciting. I know ice cubes are something most people have played with in bed and sucking on an ice cube while sucking on your partner can be a fun experience but I’ve been given a few new experiences to add to that, some I’m excited to be using on those wanting a new fun experience.


Keeping Warm in the Windy City

Persecution of Prostitution

This is a HUGE hot button issue with me and should be discussed much more often. I’ve been in the sex industry since 1998, I know, I know I’m telling on myself. 2018 will mark two solid decades in this business. That is not only unheard of but so unusual that it’s almost an unbelievable amount of time. I’ve worked as a stripper, an escort, a legal prostitute/brothel worker, and in the porn side of things. I’ve seen a lot in my two decades, here are some thoughts on this subject.
As one who has worked both sides of the escort coin, legally with permits from a sheriff’s office in Parahump, NV and as a not so legal sex worker all across the US, I have some perspective. In one county in Nevada, Prostitution is completely legal, the only illegal act is anal sex. Everything else is a go. There is a process, one you have to find a brothel that will suit your style of service and get accepted there, they don’t let just anyone in the doors. Next you get on a plane, fly in on the day they designate, get picked up and driven to your brothel, your things are all gone through extensively, you are assigned a room, and then the medical and paperwork part start, that takes a day, you are tested for everything but herpes and then have to wait for your med results before getting a ride into the police station. It’s a whole new experience to work WITH LE, let me tell you. They fingerprint you, run a background check and check your lab results and if everything passes you get a license to practice prostitution. You do this quarterly. You do your med tests weekly or bi weekly at your brothel. You have a legit business license in the state of Nevada, this is really different folks. The state gets their taxes, the government gets their share, the county get’s a cut and so does your brothel. You stay IN the brothel, there is no leaving. You are there. You have a gofer if you need something in town but generally you are not allowed to leave. They do offer a short stint vacation if you’ve been there a long length of time but before going back to work there’s another med check. When you see a client there is a health check for them too, commonly referred to as the “DC”. The dick check is a new concept for most workers but it’s to keep the workers and the community safe and healthy. There are so many safeguards and your room and board and food are taken out of your earnings and they hold your money in their bank until payday and you get an actual paycheck from a very established bank. This method, stops crime, stops sex trafficking and don’t even think about drug use. That is the fastest way to get booted out of the legal society.
On the flip side of the coin. You don’t have a clue who you are meeting, if they are safe. And if there was an honest show of hands there wouldn’t be too many providers that could claim they get std checked every two weeks without fail and remove themselves from the industry if something pops up. You deal with the pimps that constantly call claiming the same old “pimps and hoes come from the same cloth, you need me..ect.” blah blah BS that comes in from putting out an ad. Sometimes that goes further with pimps posing as clients who meet you, beat you and trap you or force you to work under threat of physical harm. You have time wasters and those looking for material to add to their spank bank with no intention of meeting a provider or compensating her or him for their time. You have people getting robbed and ripped off both ways and no one can blatantly say what they will or won’t do without fear of entrapment or being locked up on some misdemeanor charge, having their picture paraded around their local news with some flashing prostitution headline. You have guys finding low class providers who don’t deliver on services and you have clients who shortchange and low ball providers, you have a big absolute mess is what you have. You have a volatile situation with no change in sight. The only way prostitution becomes legal will be when hobbyists and providers speak to their congressmen, write letters, sound letters explaining this rationally and demanding change. There are people now who are working hard to change them but they aren’t getting support from this community because those of us NOT in Parahump Nevada fear jail and a criminal charge just for admitting it happens let alone that we participate in this thing.
There would be jobs, not just for workers, but every brother employs doctors, nurses, security, drivers, cooks, maids, laundry lasses and house mothers. They hire photographers and computer techs. Every brothel brings in jobs, they offer a SAFE way to conduct this business for both parties. Everyone pays taxes, the city and county win, the jail is opened up meaning the state isn’t paying out fees to the jail for these prostitutes and johns, the cops don’t have to waste time chasing down something like this and can focus their attention on things that actually affect their community.  Not every lady would qualify, which makes this business on the level. Girls wouldn’t have to compete with nasty street walkers to pay their bills. Men would have a variety of choices on hand. Clean environments for both parties. Sex trafficking would decline as pimps found themselves out of business and not able to find workers nor use drugs to hold them hostage. There really is no downside to legalization. There is nothing demoralizing about prostitution and the sooner those that walk this road start opening up and taking away the taboo aspect of things by making it mainstream and socially acceptable the sooner we all can get to a place of feeling safe again. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.
Persecution of Prostitution

A Basic Question from a Reader

Hello I would like to know what tips you have to spot one or more of the following types of providers.
1. A fake
2. a potential thief or robbery fixing to happen
3. a girl that up charges
4. a dangerous situation over all
5. independent or agency

Well dear reader, this is my take on this:

You can take all of the suggestions about Google searching images and checking review sites, and you can stick to only using reputable sites like P411 or Eros or TER,  but let me add this, yes you can Google photos. I, myself, am also a professional model, which means all of my photo’s were always professionally done. That was the level I choose to work at.

Sometimes that did cause problems because in this industry model quality escorts are a rare find and more often than not I had problems with clients believing I had used stock photo’s, which is why I also started posting video on my ads. Video verifies a lot. So even this method is not always accurate in spotting a fake. Checking review sites are always good as well, because if a provider is thief, word gets around quickly. However review sites can always be manipulated by providers having friends or boyfriends post fake reviews, it DOES happen. And some hobbyist provide untrue reviews when a provider refuses to go all the way or provide a particular service and in some cases that is also very unfair. There are many good ways to go about making the process simple and some very basic FYI’s for you to know.

One, do some homework, find out what kinds of services you are in the market for and know what in general those entail. Two, look on advertising sites that cater to those services or keep providers listed in categories so that you can easily find one that caters to what you are looking for. Three, don’t EVER attempt to book a same day appointment, that isn’t realistic for decent providers, they will want to have time to screen you as well. Four, keep things nice and discreet over the phone, don’t be rude, don’t ask sexual questions. Assume if she is listed under providing the service you want that she does indeed provide this service. If you feel that may be something to question then I would ask if you may ask a candid question, keep it above board and respectful without a lot of detail. Good providers stay away from terms like PSE or GFE because it draws attention of law enforcement. Similarly providers who offer upscale service will tend to stay away from sending photo’s or publishing photo’s on ads, they want to be discreet for their own safety. The upscale providers also tend to shy away from any review site because of how graphic descriptions of services and encounters can get which ALSO will draw attention of LE.
So this is my advice, do your homework, pick a provider, go through her process, and check her out as well. Don’t assume no reviews or photo’s mean she is not a legit provider, it may mean she is VERY elite and upscale and because of that keeps herself and your safety in mind at all times. You can always ask if she is independent or agency, however an agency will generally charge 200 an hour and offer you a variety of females. Independents donations can range based on their level in the industry. On a whole expect to pay 4-600 an hour for upscale and elite, 2-300 an hour for mid range and below 200 an hour for bottom range. You WILL get what you pay for. If you are paying less than 200 an hour you will get a service equal to that value. You should also expect the drama and riff raff that comes with the bottom end of the spectrum. Things like drugs, theft, bait and switch, dangerous situations. If you want to be sure to avoid those, save up some funds, stay off of backpage, don’t seek out providers with “specials”. Talk to other trusted hobbyists in your area. Word of mouth is the BEST way to find a quality provider. If she shows up and is NOT as described or doesn’t work for you, be polite, offer her a turn away fee, this happens and we all understand that sometimes we just don’t click, send her away and try again. There will always be providers at the lower levels that upcharge, it’s classless and tasteless, but they are just trying to pay their bills and possibly haven’t been taught or trained better. That is why I recommend staying at the upper levels of providers who are getting a larger donation and usually have a bit more to offer that money doesn’t pay for. Hopefully that insight helps you in your search and good luck.
A Basic Question from a Reader

What Makes You A Return Client

I’ve been in the sex industry since 1998, I know, I know I’m telling on myself. 2018 will mark two solid decades in this business. That is not only unheard of but so unusual that it’s almost an unbelievable amount of time. I’ve worked as a stripper, an escort, a legal prostitute/brothel worker, and in the porn side of things. I’ve seen a lot in my two decades, here are some thoughts on this subject. I’ve seen providers come and go like I change underwear. Some are just not cut out for this business or hobby as it is now called. Those that are and stay have some things in common, one we recognize that this isn’t about sex, sure that’s a part of this, of course, but we do realize that there is more to it than just laying on our backs shouting oh baby occasionally. Two we have learned that those who use these services, they have two things in common, one they are lonely, and two they need a connection. People who use a provider they are looking for something, something they aren’t getting at home or aren’t finding out in the real world. They need someone to listen, to let them know they matter, their needs matter, their wants matter. That someone out there cares enough to make them feel alive again or maybe just have a release. The tension, the stress of life those things wear you down. There is nothing better than having that one person to focus all of their attention on you, to pamper you, to take care of you at the end of a rough day or week. The time spent with good providers isn’t just sex, it is quality time. An adventure, a journey an actual experience that creates a memory or an impression that should make you smile afterwards. That release of stress and tension, well that is the providers job, in whatever way works best for each and everyone you see. As a provider you aren’t offering sex, you are offering a fantasy, one filled with passion, stress relief, free from baggage and drama that means more than the money. Being that fantasy, being top of your field is being able to provide that one memory, and repeating it several different ways for each and every client so that each time IS the first time, their best time and one that they want to repeat often. That is what I love about this work. Being able to create that. All of my clients are special, they all come to find a special place in my memory. They are not their wallets, they are just people. Lonely people that need that special connection and I’m happy to be that connection. That is, in my experience, what makes a date worth repeating and in all of my years that is the greatest advice I can hand out to the new generation of providers, BE repeat worthy. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.

What Makes You A Return Client